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Foresight is 20/20: Let Erie Protect Your Family’s Tomorrow

Family is our foundation. Protecting yours so they have a solid future begins now. The primary purpose of life insurance is to provide cash for your family in the event of your death to ensure they can remain in their home and continue to have an adequate standard of living is peace of mind for everyone. Us included.

We don’t always get to choose what happens in life,
but Erie let’s you choose your LIFE plan



Term Insurance: provides life insurance for the period of time that best suits your needs. You can select from a 10- 15- 20- or 30-year plan to protect you. Coverage can be purchased starting at age 0, and the face amount of the policy and premiums remain level for the period of time you select. If you should die during the defined time, the proceeds would be paid to the named beneficiary. You’ll also have the opportunity to convert your term policy to a permanent life plan (during the level period or before age 70, whichever comes first). We guarantee this conversation privilege regardless of health occupation or hobbies.

Erie LifeSense®: makes it easy to get up to $90,000 worth of coverage in about 15 minutes. There’s no medical exam or complicated forms to fill out. In fact, it is a simple application with only a few medical questions. It can be the perfect way for part-time employees, entrepreneurs, first-time life insurance  buyers, stay-at-home caregivers and others to get the essential coverage they know they should have quickly and easily.

Term life insurance – especially Erie Life Sense® - is a way to help protect your family and five yourself peace of mind. Life insurance is too important to put off.



For most people, the need for life insurance may decrease, but it never goes away. As time passes, circumstances and plans change but the need for protection never disappears. That’s why you should consider Erie Family Life’s Permanent Life Insurance Series.

Policy Features:

Guaranteed life insurance protection that will not decrease | Guaranteed cash value that can be borrowed to take advanced of future opportunities | Guaranteed premium that does not change, regardless of changes in your health | Minimum policy size is $5,000 | Issue ages:

Whole Life: Ages 0-85 | 20-Pay Life: 0-70

Erie Family Life offers two permanent life products that provide lifetime protection: a simplified issue plan that requires only six medical questions and a fully underwritten plan. Each plan offers two options:

A 20-Pay option where the policy is paid up in 20 years | A whole life option where the premium is paid to age 100

Each new place can help you meet a variety of needs, including:

Funding for your children’s education | Payment of medical bill | Final expenses and estate settlement costs
Financial support for your dependents | Supplemental retirement income



Universal Life Insurance combines the affordability of term insurance with the long-term security of permanent insurance: the best of both worlds.

Erie Family Life Insurance Company offers you two different Universal Life programs:

Erieflex3 Universal Life – This plan designed to accumulate cash value. You select a premium level that you are comfortable with and part of your premium can help your policy build cash value. That’s money that could be withdrawn or borrowed in the future if you need it, as long as the required premiums are paid.

Erieflex Universal Life – This plan is geared toward lifelong protection. It will remain in force either for your lifetime or for a period of time you choose, as long as the required premiums are paid.

Additional features:

We know you love your children, your home and all things that have made your life, well…your life. So live it up by signing up for Erie Life Insurance. We’re here to help.

Retiring begins before you realize.

Why should you start thinking about slowing down your life with the ERIE Retirement plan? Because our business is also about saving you money. With so many different retirement savings plan options – 401(k), annuities, Traditional Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA’s) and Roth IRA’s – it can be a little overwhelming trying to decide which plan is right for you. No matter how far along you are in your financial planning, ERIE can help.

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